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What Are The Most Important Questions To Ask Your Life Coach?

If you have made the decision to get a life coach, it is likely that you have a few questions. You probably wonder if they are able to truly help you and the type of expectations you should have whilst working with them. It is perfectly natural to be curious and to have questions that will help you understand the process better.

When you work with a life coach, you will be able to sort through some obstacles and issues that may be preventing you from reaching your full potential. This means that in order to know your life coach better and to make sure they are the best choice for you, the following are some of the questions you can ask them.

What Are Your Values?

Even though this is a question that the life coach will likely ask you at some point, it is also important to know the values of the person you are working with as well. When you work with a life coach, many of your intimate thoughts and feelings come to the surface. For example, your dreams, hopes, self-doubt and emotions are discussed, and these parts of your life are intertwined with your values. See more here –

This means that if your life coach has values that oppose yours, you may be get the perspective and opinions you have been seeking. On the other hand, you may choose to find a life coach whose values differ from yours.

Decide the approach you want and the one that you feel will be the most helpful for your situation.

What Issues Do You Provide Guidance In?

The last thing you want is to choose a life coach that is a ‘jack of all trades.’ You do not want to work with someone who claims that they can help you shed those last 10 pounds, help you with your small business and help you cope with your recent divorce.

You must first ask yourself which areas of your life are you looking to improve? Do you want to be happier? Do you want to improve your health? Do you want to learn leadership skills?

Once you are specific about the goals you want to accomplish, it will a lot easier for you to choose a life coach who will provide you with the guidance you are looking for.

How Is The Life Coach An Authority Figure Or Expert In This Particular Field?

There are many marketing programmes that encourage its students to label themselves as authority figures or experts. They then list their ‘credentials’ on a website.

Do not hesitate to ask the life coach why they are an expert or authority on the subject. Some professional life coaches have skills that they have acquired as a result of life experience, whilst others received theirs from additional training and past careers.

For example, a business or executive life coach may also have a business-related degree or worked for several years in a corporate setting. When a person is a true expert or authority figure, they have a specific work experience, education or an abundance of personal knowledge and experience.

Will This Become An Ongoing Process?

It is important that you understand each phase of the coaching and what is included in the mastery process. In simpler terms, is the knowledge needed to reach a certain objective or goal continuing knowledge that does not end? Or, will the coach dedicate a certain amount of time to a certain task so you can master it.

There are some goals in the professional or personal endeavours have people seeking lifetime education. There is nothing wrong with this, but the life coach should be able to tell you when you should start applying all of the knowledge that you have obtained.

Are Resources Provided?

Life coaches that provide their clients with additional outside resources such as podcasts, websites, lectures and books are more likely to offer a comprehensive coaching programme.

Although the coach is important, many people discover that they do better when they are able to receive knowledge from multiple reputable sources instead of a short-term and one-dimensional approach that comes from working with a life coach one-on-one, as Doreen Ritchie Life Coach explains.

It will likely take more than one coaching session for you to begin moving in a positive direction. Reputable life coaches will offer many supportive options to help you succeed in your mission.

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